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From design of pattern equipment and tooling to the final product we have total control over development.  Our facilities enable us to manufacture a wide variety of fittings by either casting or fabricating in brass, aluminum or iron ( Castings are produced off site)
Once machined, the item is polished if required or can be treated by either anodising, chrome plating or powder coating. We hold in stock a supply of most of our narrowboat range to offer an efficient service at a competitive price
Our fittings are used both internally and externally on narrowboats, be it traditional or cruiser style.  The Epping stove, chimney, drawer pulls, knobs and fiddle rails inside the boatmans cabin to curtain rail fittings, vent grilles and louvre vents in the main cabin.  Externally, mushroom vents, portholes, tiller, side ties and steps complete the hull.
We also specialise in cast plaques of all shapes and sizes for every application and can produce them to customer design from 1 off upwards.
Brenmarl has now relocated its machining and stock back in the heart of the country in the West Midlands. We still  service the  Gloucestershire & south west region for Webasto and naturally supply our fittings to all area’s. We apologise for the disruption and to those that may have waited  longer than expected for the  products. The  new web site is now underway and will be updated during the coming weeks. Thanking you all for your support and patience.